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Rodinia is Finland’s first communications agency specializing in sustainable development. We help our clients improve their ESG impact by providing strategic sustainable communications- and corporate responsibility consultancy. We also aid businesses integrate sustainability models into their operations and communicate about their sustainability work. Our aim is to encourage adoption of sustainable values across industries, so that every company understands its impact – positive or negative – on the world.

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We know that in order to achieve UN’s sustainable development goals and to limit global warming below 2C degrees, companies need to step up their sustainability game. Corporate responsibility and sustainability programs are not just about creating competitive advantage; rather, operating a business sustainably has become a necessity. Consumers are smart and knowledgeable, which renders greenwashing unconscionable; sustainability communications must be based on real actions. Our purpose is to guide businesses on their sustainability path, whether it is to get them on it, or to move them along it.


Since 2016, we have helped over 50 companies along their sustainability path and we have carried out 110 projects with respect to sustainable development and circular economy. Last year alone, we conducted a co-operative pilot campaign to increase recycling in the Lahti region in Finland which reached over 70 000 people and received press coverage in several newspapers.


We work towards our purpose by counseling companies about their sustainability work: we map out the current state of our customers’ corporate responsibility work; conduct industry analyses; build sustainability programs and road maps; and help our clients to translate sustainability into strategy and practice. Furthermore, we publish sustainability reports, devise transparent strategic communications planning, and content creation.

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