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Technopolis – Balance

Technopolis is the shared workspace expert. We provide efficient and flexible offices, coworking spaces and everything that goes with them. We want to promote the holistic well-being of companies and their employees. Technopolis Balance is a unique combination of services that make your work environment feel and work better.

Technopolis Balance- Good for you is good for business.

45 000
Total impact 45 050 See all »
45 000
Total impact 45 050 See all »
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Project Director, Sustainable Everyday Life at Sitra
Markus Terho

This Planet Act allows companies to easily support the well-being of their employees in their offices. This service helps particularly SMEs to systematically implement well-being into practice. This act is scalable in the facility management business.

About Markus
A corporate responsibility veteran, with over two decades in the industry. He has held several notable positions, among them, he has served as the global sustainability chief at Nokia. There he has managed global corporate responsibility activities, environmental and social responsibility, social investment portfolios as well as disaster relief and charity donations.


A work environment that supports wellbeing and productivity consists of a combination of suitable workspaces, appropriate furniture, and solutions for getting the job done. Elements such as healthy eating, exercise options, and opportunities to analyze body function, as well as ways to enhance recovery also improve wellbeing.

The purpose of the Balance is to create value, simplify their everyday life, and increase well-being among companies and their employees. We believe that well-being elements are also a great way to motivate people as well as ensure that people feel well either they are working remotely or at the office.

Technopolis Balance


This service combination is new and in a launch phase. In a meantime, we already see changes in people’s behavior in terms of interest, discussion, and how they value things.


All the elements among Balance are quite easy to take into use. You can do it step by step or carry out the whole combination of Balance.

We highly recommend good analyzing and involving the people to create your best possible work environment and elements for the future.

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