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Finnish Paralympic Committee – SOLIA

The Finnish Paralympic Committee is a non-governmental umbrella sports organization for persons with disabilities in Finland. Paralympic Committee plans, executes and develops sports and physical activity for physically and intellectually disabled people, visually impaired people and transplant recipients. SOLIA is organized by The Finnish Paralympic Committee and offers sporting devices for various rental periods and assistance when it is time to purchase own equipment. SOLIA supports mainly people with disabilities.

Rental days
8 074
Total impact 8 074 See all »
Rental days
8 074
Total impact 8 074 See all »
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Markus Terho

In this planet act a simple sharing service lowers the threshold to try and possibly start a new hobby that brings enjoyment, development opportunity and joy. this act is locally sclable, but requires investment from the organization offering the service.

About Markus
A corporate responsibility veteran, with over two decades in the industry. He has held several notable positions, among them, he has served as the global sustainability chief at Nokia. There he has managed global corporate responsibility activities, environmental and social responsibility, social investment portfolios as well as disaster relief and charity donations.


SOLIA combines many aspects of responsibility. It creates new hobbies and possibilities for people with disability and increases the equality of sport.

The actions are good for the environment because of the renting possibility, and everyone does not have to purchase their own equipment. On the economical responsibility perspective SOLIA offers easy way for all to test equipment before possible purchase.

People who need the adapted physical activity equipment, should not need to buy expensive equipment, and pay more for the sport than anyone else.


In 2019 SOLIA rented the equipment for 5706 days. In the middle of the covid-19 pandemia in 2020 the amount of the rental days decreased to 2367. On average one rental period lasts 11 days.

This service helps the important target audience to move and save money for some other actions. This is important since these people are more likely in difficult financial situation.

In 2021 SOLIA aims to enhance its communication and website The aim is to increase the amount of the rental days to over 6000 days.


SOLIA offers assistive devices for rent in five locations. They are located in Finland in five cities: Helsinki, Masku, Kuopio, Seinäjoki and Rovaniemi. More information can be found via website.

The People's Voice

"Jim" 03.04.2021
Great act!

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