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Eaton – Community involvement

Eaton strives to help the communities in which it operates to become vibrant places to live and work. The company serves many communities around the world, and its employees’ skills and ideas are a reflection thereof. Eaton is proud to be active participant in its local communities, and its ultimate goal is to bring tangible and sustainable benefits to the places in which it lives and works around the world.

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The talent, energy and skills that Eaton’s employees donate to community projects hold significant value for the company as well as for the communities it serves. Its volunteers benefit from the satisfaction of accomplishing necessary work, expanding their social connections, practising creative problem-solving and increased well-being. Eaton finds that employees who volunteer with local organisations are more committed to their community and feel more fulfilled at home and at work.


In 2020 Eaton donated approximately $10 million in charitable contributions around the world, with 75% supporting health and human services, 20% targeted at education and the remaining 5% given to civic, cultural and other organisations. In addition, thousands of the company’s colleagues in more than two dozen countries contributed to Eaton’s global employee matching gift programme for COVID-19 relief, the first of its kind. And Eaton matched their contribution, providing $350,000 in funds to support food banks, hospitals, shelters and other emergency relief programmes.


Eaton’s key performance indicators for local community involvement are measured through several quantitative methods. They include charitable contributions,
funds allocated by community involvement teams, Eaton Charitable Fund total annual donations, plus meeting its goal for 100 % of its major manufacturing and headquarters sites to have an active community engagement team by 2030.
Through these indicators the company can evaluate its performance over time, allowing it to make informed decisions about possible needed changes.

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