KPMG Oy Ab and The Planet Company join forces to advance sustainability acts

The collaboration between KPMG and The Planet Company aims to advance sustainable acts in our society. KPMG and The Planet Company help organizations to identify and evaluate their impactful acts on Planet Company’s platform, share the experience gained and draw inspiration from other impactful acts.

KPMG Oy Ab, one of Finland’s leading providers of consulting services, and The Planet Company, a social platform for sharing sustainability acts, are joining forces to promote the growth and spread of impactful acts. So far, 180 organizations have already shared their acts on The Planet Company’s platform – and the intention is to further expand use of the platform, both in Finland and globally.

The Planet Company’s view is that a sustainable world of tomorrow will be built on millions of small acts – those that are already taking place in companies, organizations and cities around Finland and throughout the world. The Planet Company’s social platform collates these acts, connects their creators, passes on information to others, and offers the possibility to assess their impact.

Impact is also at the heart of KPMG. Together with our clients, we drive responsible and purposeful business practices and aim at building a more sustainable tomorrow. KPMG’s global ESG strategy and our KPMG IMPACT focus areas provide a sound basis on which our experts can support our clients in their sustainability transformations. At the same time, KPMG is developing its own sustainability roadmap according to our global ESG plan, known as Our Impact Plan.

— Sustainable transition requires the courage to take action and make an impact. The Planet Company offers a great platform and opportunity to innovate and advance impactful acts. We wanted to join those companies that have shared their acts on the platform. The idea for wider cooperation stemmed from our shared goal of building a sustainable world through our actions, inspiring responsible change and increasing dialogue between the different actors,” says Minna Tuominen-Thuesen, Advisory Partner Impact & Change.

As a partner of The Planet Company, KPMG’s experts help organizations to identify, describe and evaluate their impactful acts. KPMG’s service design, change management and sustainable development experts also support The Planet Company in further developing the platform.

— Our purpose is to build a social platform for sustainable development – and collaboration with KPMG supports us in achieving this goal. The world simply lacks a credible platform for sustainable development actions and their creators,” says Jussi Korpikoski, Co-founder & CEO, The Planet Company.

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