Blog: Creating a New Better Normal

The coronavirus has been an unexpected and uninvited pandemic. It is clear that we are talking about a human tragedy that has affected most of the population, regardless of their geographical location or socioeconomic status. At the moment, more than 5.5 million cases of COVID-19 have been reported worldwide, as well as approximately 350 000 deaths. As the economic uncertainty has taken off to new heights, one of the most notable consequences has been the massive increase of the unemployment rate.

The times before the virus seem like a distant memory, and most people would rather not have been affected by the pandemic if they had the choice. Unless we have a time machine, there is no going back anymore. We can observe the current situation and analyse what’s happened in the past, but all we can truly affect is what happens tomorrow.

We have the power to affect three main questions regarding global development:

What happens in the business and innovation environment?
What part does work play and what are our working methods?
How is the consumer behaviour going to shift?

With the help of these questions, we can possibly find the key to the greatest question of mankind. The question that affects us all.

Our planet is becoming uninhabitable. What are we going to do about it?

Simply relying on people’s goodwill is not going to solve it. The answer to a better tomorrow can be found through the three questions mentioned earlier. A new, better normal should be based on sustainable business, effective utilisation of technology and digitalisation, human-based leadership, meaningful working as well as a more planet-oriented consumer behaviour.

We are lucky to have an admirable amount of aware individuals and pioneering organisations that have devoted themselves in finding a solution to this question. Unfortunately, humans tend to have a short memory paired with an even shorter time span of thinking. This can be seen especially from the planet’s point of view, as the human species has been around for only fifteen seconds when compared to Earth’s 24 hours of existence, respectively.

This is why mankind requires reminders and examples. The world is filled with deeds aiming towards a better tomorrow, and they deserve to be heard, shared and copied, as the spread of these actions are only for the greater good. It is time to leave behind the remnants of old ideologies, such as ‘don’t mess with your competition’, ‘remote work gets you demoted’, ‘charge more or stay poor’ or ’he didn’t need it but I sold it’.

One day, we are all going to die. However, we are very much alive before that day comes. This is why we should focus on creating the best circumstances for living in a healthy world with all the resources we can spare. Together.