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Kotona kotimaista (EN)

Your choices have an effect. Support local businesses, local production, local services, culture and entertainment. Do good turns and help out how you can. Show your support in social media with the hashtag #kotonakotimaista.

Our actions have a combined effect. Even the smallest choices add up, making each day another day of Kotona Kotimaista.

Exceptional times have confronted the entire world and Finnish people. Many small producers in Finland have possibly lost their entire livelihood overnight. To decrease this damage, we want to help Finnish people easily find their local small producers and growers as well as encourage Finnish people to support these producers by purchasing their products.

Q: What happens during Kotona Kotimaista?

A: As the name of the campaign already indicates, we hope that as many Finnish people as possible would purchase anything locally produced and then share it from their home with the rest of the world by using the hashtag #kotonakotimaista.

Q: Which companies can participate and how?

A: Everyone is included, as long as the company’s operations are in Finland and their products have been manufactured in Finland. Purchasing products from factory outlets, small shops and stores are just as great options as shopping online and then sharing it. Companies can provide their information for others to find at our website When publishing anything related to the campaign, just remember to add the hashtag #kotonakotimaista to help others find you easier.

Q: How does a consumer participate?

A: The easiest way of participating is to purchase a local product and then sharing it by using the hashtag #kotonakotimaista. Furthermore, if you wish to help local businesses, go to to update their profiles and add hashtags to help others find them.

Q: Who organizes the event?

A: The event and the entire campaign has been built by volunteers and without a commercial agenda. No single business is in charge here, as the campaign was organized to benefit the entire Finnish branch of industry.

In addition to the consumers, there are also several public figures supporting the campaign, such as Vappu Pimiä, Janni Hussi, Jaana Pelkonen, HP Parviainen and Pippa Laukka. is a national website, where the consumer can search for their closest local services. The site was created by two entrepreneurs from Kuopio, Samuli Huuhtanen (CEO) and Janne Seppälä (Chairman of the Board) from Rock, Paper, Scissors Brewing. The technical platform and the visual look was created by Oddy Inc., an advertisement agency from Kuopio.

#kotonakotimaista – Support, share, succeed

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