Metsä/Skogen – Responsible selection of products

Sustainability is the force behind everything we do. Everything we sell in Metsä/Skogen, regarding our own collection, comes from respect towards nature and its renewal. Everything is made according to the principles of sustainable development.

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Managing Director - Sustainability Transformation at Solutions4Impact
Corina Radu

This is truly exciting to see their ambition to produce sustainable and timeless designs locally produced, ethically sourced, engaging employees into sustainability and benefiting society as one! They respect the value chain transparency by auditing their suppliers and making sure the materials and the workforce are ethically engaged. This also creates more trust with the customers, especially from other parts of the EU, and helps clarify the questions that might arise with regards to fair working conditions and remuneration as well as gender pay gaps.

About Corina
I am a sustainability business expert at the crossroad of technology, innovation, and partnership, with the focus on helping companies transform their sustainability strategies, advance SDG's implementation, and share the common B Corp business philosophy. I am part of EIT Climate KIC Network of Coaches and a mentor at the Global Women Network for Energy Transition programs.


Nature itself. We hold this dear to our hearts. The durability of the product, recyclability, and responsibility for the origin of the raw material guide our choices.

Our Metsä/Skogen family includes companies, designers, and craftspersons. Together we share the same values: we love nature and want to protect it. Change comes from being open and spreading information. We believe in transparency and expect the same from our partners.

Our partners manufacture their products responsibly in Finland or the EU.


All products are manufactured in a transparent manner. We support local suppliers as much is ever possible. All our products in Metsä/Skogen collection are made with love in Finland or manufactured locally (EU).

The selection includes clothing, accessories, home goods, and other essentials for creating the perfect ambiance.

The challenges concerning social, environmental, and economic tasks are focused on climate change (transportation), biodiversity (recycling), and human rights in the local /global manufacturing chain.

  1. We prefer partners who are manufacturing their products responsibly in Finland or the EU, this has an enormous effect on CO2 emissions which makes up the vast majority of greenhouse gas.
  2. Finland has a 25 billion annual cost of work-related exhaustion. Metsä/Skogen is fighting against that by offering the healing forest accessible to everyone. The concept of Metsä/Skogen grew out of the personal experience of Carita Peltonen. Having undergone work-related exhaustion, Carita felt the forest had an immensely healing effect on her. She wanted to recreate the experience for people who are not able to visit a real forest. 
The idea of bringing the woods in the middle of the city arose.


Our ambition is to produce sustainable and timeless designs that serve a purpose. If people buy local (and locally produced), they support local employees to keep their work, it benefits society as a whole.

Our suppliers use only Finnish raw materials, such as Finnish wood, In cosmetics, the raw materials come from Finnish nature and do not contain chemicals.

  • sustainability, the company is taking the necessary actions to avoid environmental pollution –> we have visited all our suppliers / factories / workspaces
  • the employees have the right to associate
  • a safe working environment
  • the company does not tolerate any form of corruption, extortion (kiristys), embezzlement (kavallus) or bribery (lahjonta).
  • supplier offers equal opportunities to all workers and does not have discrimination against employees
  • normal working hours
  • company does not hire employees who are younger than the statutory minimum age

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